My complete trial coverage of Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins.
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February 24, 2015: Ellen Pao Lays Out Case against Kleiner Perkins in Silicon Valley Gender Bias Trial 
February 24, 2015: Kleiner Perkins Says Ellen Pao's Dismissal Was About Skills, Not Gender Bias
February 25, 2015: Ellen Pao Trial Witnesses Expose Kleiner Perkins' Thorny Gender Politics
February 26, 2015: Kleiner Perkins Says It Didn't Distribute Gender Discrimination Policy Until 2012
February 27, 2015: How Kleiner Perkins Rated Ellen Pao after Her Lawsuit
March 2, 2015: Kleiner Partner Didn't Immediately Investigate Harrassment
March 3, 2015: A Famed VC Says There's No Discrimination at Kleiner
March 4, 2015: How to Succeed in Venture Capital the John Doerr Way
March 6, 2015: Investigator Was Told Women Made More Money for Kleiner
March 9, 2015: Pao Testifies to Withering Bias at Kleiner
March 10, 2015: Pao's Credibility Comes Under Fire in Kleiner Cross-Examination
March 11, 2015: Kleiner Lawyer: Ellen Pao Made a Co-Worker Cry
March 12, 2015: Kleiner Attacks Pao on the Stand as Resentful and Greedy
March 13: 2015: Pao Jurors Get Schooled on the Silicon Valley High Life
March 17, 2015: How Ellen Pao's Case Stacks Up Against Kleiner
March 18, 2015: Kleiner Is Putting Ellen Pao's Personality on Trial
March 19, 2015: Kleiner Witness Says Ellen Pao Was "A Bit Too Opinionated"
March 20, 2015: The Gender Problem in Venture Capital Is Really, Really Bad
March 24, 2015: Kleiner's Model Staffers Testify as Sex-Bias Trial Wraps Up
March 24, 2015: Pao's Lawyer: She Did the Work, But Men Got the Credit
March 25, 2015: Kleiner Lawyer Says Pao Twisted Facts to Get a Pig Payout
March 27, 2015: After Loss, Pao Hopes Case Helped Level the Playing Field


A Gender Discrimination Trial Rocks Silicon Valley, March 14, 2015, NPR's All Things Considered
Assessing the Ellen Pao Verdict, March 28, 2015, NPR's All Things Considered